Provisional results for my 2019 summer auction are available here

You can view the results by clicking on the PDF button below.

Please note that these results are provisional. There are ambiguities to be clarified and under-estimate bids to be resolved with the sellers. These Lots are not included.

Note too that this listing is a live document and will be up-dated from time to time as the outstanding queries are resolved, errors notified and corrected and so on. So please keep popping back to keep up to date, especially for the first two or three weeks after closure. Also, if you spot any typos or other errors, let me know and I’ll correct them.

Open PDF


The results have now been added into the on-line catalogue.

If no result is shown, that Lot was unsold.

PS. The auction is now closed. Please do not ask me to reopen it and start selling the unsolds!

As always, if you have any queries on any of this, just mail me.