A Jaguar showroom poster celebrating their winning the World Sportscar Championship in 1987.

Estimate Price: (e£30-40)

Interesting image of the team’s XJR 8 workhorse. Never quite sure whether his is a real wind-tunnel photo or some nifty work with Photoshop! Either way, it looks pretty good. Fine.


Another celebratory poster for the World Sportscar Championship win in 1987.

Estimate Price: (e£30-40)

XJR 8 rightly features and in portrait format this time. VG.


The first of two showroom posters from the IMSA championship in the States.

Estimate Price: (e£30-40)

Not too sure of the date, but Goodyear were awarded the Jaguar contract in 1990. VG.


This poster celebrates Jaguar’s win at the Daytona 24-hour race in 1988. VG.

Estimate Price: (e£30-40)

This poster celebrates Jaguar’s win at the Daytona 24-hour race in 1988. VG.


Large mounted full-colour action photo of the Castrol Jaguar crew running a pit stop of car no 61 in the 1990 IMSA season. Not sure which track 14 x 11. Fine.

Sold Price: £20

Large mounted full-colour action photo of the Castrol Jaguar crew running a pit stop of car no 61 in the 1990 IMSA season. Not sure which track 14 x 11. Fine.


Davy Jones discussing welfare matters with the PTA? Or perhaps not.

Estimate Price: (e£15-20)

This poster was published by Budweiser Beer in the USA to celebrate Davy’s magnificent six IMSA wins in 1991, when Jaguar was sponsored by Budweiser under their “Bud Light” brand. Definitely an improvement on the usual pretty staid car showroom posters of the era! One to brighten up your garage? 36 x 23. VG to Fine.


1990 IMSA Miscellany.

Sold Price: £25

A copy of House Concurrent Resolution No 64 of the Indiana General Assembly congratulating the team on their First and Second place in the 1990 Daytona 24 Hour race. TWR pen and stickers. Copy of XJR magazine special issue for the Daytona victory.


Two pairs of pit crew shorts from the 1990 IMSA Season.

Sold Price: £30

Made by “Exquisite Design” in the States. Castrol/Jaguar logos on right front pocket and left hip pocket. 34 ins waist. One worn and faded – Good The other unworn spare pair – Fine.


JaguarSport Momo steering wheel.

Estimate Price: (e£150-200)

NOS and out of production. Seldom seen on the open market. Fine


A pair of cam cover plaques for JaguarSport V12 engine.

Sold Price: £60

Not clear whether these are NOS or reproduction. Sold as seen. Fine.


TWR licence-holder and key fob from TWR Jaguar Northampton and licence holder from TWR Oxford at Cumnor Hill, Oxford. Unusual. Fine.

Sold Price: £90

TWR licence-holder and key fob from TWR Jaguar Northampton and licence holder from TWR Oxford at Cumnor Hill, Oxford. Unusual. Fine.


Brolly’s like this original Silk Cut Jaguar merchandising offering are not seen around these days. VG.

Sold Price: £100

Brolly’s like this original Silk Cut Jaguar merchandising offering are not seen around these days. VG.


An aspect of TWR that often slips people by. After their huge success with Jaguar in the late 1980s and earl 1990s. in 1995, TWR developed their XJR-14 into the WSC-95.

Estimate Price: (e£20-30)

Powered by the Porsche Type-935 turbocharged Flat-6 engine, it was intended to run in the US IMSA series but a change of rules put a stop to that. Two cars were eventually built and run by the Joest Racing team, scored Le Mans victories in 1996 and 1997. This model is the 1997 car. Mint Boxed.


Couldn’t resist this one when it was offered for sale. Pretty well sums up many a late-night session in the pubs and restaurants around Banbury! Unusual. Fine.

Estimate Price: (e£20-30)

Couldn’t resist this one when it was offered for sale. Pretty well sums up many a late-night session in the pubs and restaurants around Banbury! Unusual. Fine.


“Challenge Me the Race” – Mike Hawthorn’s autobiography. Signed by Mike.

Estimate Price: (e£500-600)

The signature carries my personal guarantee of authenticity (there are forgeries out there). The coverage is from Mike’s earliest years to the end of the 1957 season. Deals with his principal drives for Jaguar including the fateful race at Le Man in 1955 at well as his time with Ferrari. There is the usual page-browning inside the front and back covers otherwise both the book and the d/w are in exceptional condition. One of the best copies I have seen in a very long time. VG to Fine.


Win Percy’s parade suit for the Jaguar Racing F1 era.

Estimate Price: (e£400-500)

Made by OMP in Italy. Main sponsor was HSBC bank and there is a shopping list of other sponsor’s logos too. Win did not drive but was a key member of the publicity and support team. VG


A boxed set of six Roy Nockolds’ table mats as presented to George (Bobbie) Parkes by Jaguar to celebrate his 8th place in the 1959 Monte Carlo Rally.

Sold Price: £556

The box is oak with a Jaguar horn-push set into the lid. The contents are the standard six Nockolds images of Jaguar’s competitive triumphs in the 1950s. On the front of the box is a sterling silver plaque engraved – “To G. H. F. Parkes esq. From Jaguar Cars Ltd. In appreciation of his fine performance in the 1959 Monte Carlo Rally”. A unique piece celebrating a fine run by one of the most consistent of the 1950s rally drivers. The box and contents show only light wear and are in Fine condition.


One of Davy Jones’ helmets for the 1990 IMSA season.

Sold Price: £1,000

Made by “DJ Mfg”. Simpson visor, no other sponsor logos. Has Snell Memorial Foundation certification sticker inside. Size 7 ¼. US driver Jones served his apprenticeship in British Formula 3 racing in the early 1980s and he was a contemporary of Ayrton Senna. He shifted to endurance racing in 1986, winning at Watkins Glen mounted in a BMW GTP. He won the Daytona 24 hrs in the 1990 IMSA GTP series in the XJR-12, along with Jan Lammers and Andy Wallace. In 1996, he won Le Mans driving the TWR Porsche with Manuel Reuter and Alexander Wurtz (see also Lot 163). This helmet is a rare memento of a superb driver and only the second I have seen from his Jaguar years. VG. Rare.


Danish driver John Nielsen’s helmet for the 1990 IMSA season.

Sold Price: £1,000

Nielsen was a team regular for TWR from 1987 to 1991 and his star drive was his Le Mans victory in 1990 driving an XJR-12 with Pierce Cobb and Martin Brundle. He was also second at Daytona in the IMSA GTP series. Nielsen has inscribed this helmet to his Kiwi mechanic Mark Freeman “To Mark. Without you no dry party. Thank you for 1990. John Nielsen”.


1965 Jaguar Press Pack on ‘New Coventry Climax 16 Cylinder 1.5 litre GP Engine’.

Estimate Price: (e£100-125)

A French language publication from the Coventry Climax Press Office (part of Jaguar Cars) with an embargo label dated Wednesday, 17th February 1965. Heavy black card cover. 8 ins x 13 ins. Contents include: A brief history of Coventry Climax involvement in competition (3 pages); Why 16 Cylinders? Review of the factors that governed the concept of this engine (five pages); General Description of the Engine. (6 pages) Illustrations are: A cut-away drawing of the engine. Comparative power curves for the 1962 V8, the 1964 V8 and the 1965 flat 16 engines. Comparative silhouettes showing relative sizes of the V8 and the flat 16. A three-quarter front b/w photo of the engine. Heartbreakingly, this item is accompanied by a two-page Jaguar Cars Press release (also in French), with the same embargo date, announcing the withdrawal of Coventry Climax from competitive racing. All that work by some of the finest motive power engineers in the world straight down the pan! But what a glorious history Coventry Climax had on the track. A table in the Introduction notes that for the six years between 1958 and 1964, the record looks like this: Coventry Climax (powering Cooper, Lotus and Brabham) – 34 World Championship wins. Ferrari – 14; BRM – 9; Vanwall – 6; Porsche – 1. Not bad for a company whose bread and butter products were fire pump engines and fork-lift trucks! Apart from slight rubbing from the cover on the first page, this item is in Fine, near Mint condition. A rare and historic set of papers from an often-forgotten phase in the Company’s history that truly marked the end of a motor sport era.


Standard set of six table mats contained in an oak case with a Mark 1 horn-push set into the lid.

Estimate Price: (e£300-350)

Each mat shows one of Nockolds’ images of Jaguar’s competition successes in the 1950s. They are as follows: Le Mans 1951; Montlhéry World Record Run 1952, Le Mans 1953 (two images, one daytime and one night-time), Rheims 1954, Le Mans 1957. This set is quite the finest I have ever seen. The brown baize lining is unmarked. The tissue sheets separating the mats are all present and the mats themselves show no sign of use. A desirable set. Fine.


Jaguar Proves It’. 8 pp booklet. 10 x 8.

Sold Price: £50

Produced by Shell to celebrate their contribution to the 7-day record-breaking run by the production model XK 120 fhc reg. no. LWK 707. That run took place at the Montlhéry track near Paris in 1952. The car is now in the Jaguar Heritage collection. The cover of the brochure shows that striking image of the car running high on the banking as dawn breaks. Fine. Unusual.


“Touch Wood” by Duncan Hamilton. Published by Barrie and Rockliff in 1960. First Edition.

Sold Price: £75

5.5 by 8.5 inches. 229 pages with 59 excellent b/w photos. Red cloth with white titles on spine. Duncan Hamilton’s superbly atmospheric autobiography from a period when motor racing was fun, even at the international level. He raced with and against all the great names of 1950s motor sport, and the cast of characters in this book includes Fangio, Ascari, Villoresi, Castellotti, Moss, Hawthorn and Peter Collins. The cleanest copy I have seen in many a year and appears to be unread. Only a slight age-browning of the first three pages and a minor ding on the spine prevents a Mint grading. Dust-wrapper still retains the price (25s net). Fine near Mint and exceptional in this condition.


“Touch Wood” by Duncan Hamilton. The “new” 1990 edition published by Duncan Hamilton & Company (Byfleet).

Estimate Price: (e£50-75)

7.5 x 10. 168 pages with 59 excellent b/w photos. Duncan Hamilton’s superbly atmospheric autobiography from a period when motor racing was fun, even at the international level. This is not just a reprint; it is fully updated by Duncan, edited and extended by Doug Nye assisted by Lionel Scott. Includes new chapter “Reflections” reviewing the 30 years since the first edition was published. Signed by Duncan Hamilton. New Introduction by Adrian Hamilton (Duncan’s son). Introduction signed by Adrian Hamilton. Sl chip on back of d/w otherwise book and d/w are both Fine.


“The Motor Racing Merchants” by Anthony Pritchard.

Estimate Price: (e£15-20)

Leslie Frewin of London. 1976. 7.5 x 10. An intriguing review of the sport from the 1920s forward with the prime emphasis on the post-war years. Ecurie Ecosse carry the Jaguar banner and it is very interesting to read the accounts of their competitors. Fine/Fine.


Jaguar Sports Racing & Works Competition Cars to 1953 by Andrew Whyte.

Estimate Price: (e£40-50)

Haynes. 1982. 8.5 x 11. 415 pp. The first vol. of Andrew Whyte’s award-winning duo. Researched from the Company archives while Andrew was working in the PR dept at Browns Lane. The depth of research that went into these two books has not been equalled for any similar work extending across so many years of the Company’s competitive history. One of the seminal books in any Jaguar collection. Fine.


Jaguar Sports Racing & Works Competition Cars from 1954 by Andrew Whyte.

Estimate Price: (e£40-50)

Haynes. 1987. 8.5 x 11. 640 pp. The second volume of Andrew’s masterwork begins with the D-type and the XKSS, continues with the racing E-types and concludes with a review of the early days of Group 44 Jaguar racing in the States and the TWR operating on UK. Jaguar-engines sports-racers such as Listers and Coopers gain a mention, as to the XJ13 and the Broadspeed saga. As always with Andrew, appendices are wide-ranging and comprehensive and there are over 1000 photos! Although dates in some respects by later research, these two volumes still stand at the heart of any worthwhile Jaguar library. VG


Powered by Jaguar by Doug Nye. MRP. 1980.

Sold Price: £35

Covers four of the principal Jaguar-engined sports-racers of the late ’50 – Cooper, HWM, Lister and Tojeiro. Cover laminate sl rippled but book VG near Fine.


Motor Racing Drivers Past and Present’ by ‘Sallon’ 1956.

Estimate Price: (e£40-50)

A superb book of cartoons by Sallon of the Daily Mail. 7.5 x 10. 68pp. Metal spiral binding. Published jointly by Shell-Mex and BP in 1956 to mark the 60th anniversary of the British motor industry. Naturally, given the era, the images include large number of Jaguar drivers: Hon Brian Lewis (Pre-war SS driver oft-seen in the prototype SS 90 photo taken outside SS Cars HQ); Ian Appleyard (rally-master par excellence); Peter Whitehead (with Peter Walker, driver of the 1951 Le Mans-winning C Type); Ronnie Adams (winner of the 1956 Monte in a Mark VII); Desmond Titterington (of Ecurie Ecosse); Ivor Bueb (“Ivor the Driver” Jaguar Le Mans winner in 1955 and 1957); Duncan Hamilton (of course); Tony Rolt (of course); Mike Hawthorn (of course); Lt Col Goldie Gardner (of the XK engine speed trials at Jabbecke). These books are becoming scarce as many have been dismantled so the individual prints can be mounted and framed. Some age-browning of the cover and elsewhere. This is chemistry in action, not neglect. The wire binding is totally rust-free. Unusually, this copy still has the clear plastic overlay protecting the cover. VG.


Historic Car Racing No 3 by Rob de la Rive Box.

Estimate Price: (e£10-15)

Motorstory, Lausanne. 1983. Review of the 1983 season track by track. Special 16-page full-colour section on Jaguar cars. VG. Unusual.


“Jaguar – Motor Racing and the Manufacturer by Bob Berry” Pub by Aztex Corporation in Arizona in 1978.

Estimate Price: (e£10-15)

Paper-back. 94pp. 8 x 5. Text of illustrated talk given by Jaguar staffer and works driver Bob Berry to the San Francisco chapter of the Society of Automotive Engineers on 25 August 1976. A wide-ranging and fascinating review of a former works driver and tester who was a member of Jaguar staff and in the heart of Jaguar’s racing programme in the golden decade of the 1950s. A unique perspective. Fine.


“Jaguar – The Sporting Heritage” by Paul Skilleter. 2000.

Estimate Price: (e£10-20)

Virgin Publishing w JDHT. 256 pp 10 x 12.5. A large format book that shows off the superb photography to very good effect. Words are well-crafted and informed. From one of the leading Jaguar writers of today. Fine/Fine.


“Jaguars in Competition” by Chris Harvey.

Estimate Price: (e£15-20)

Pub by Osprey in 1979. 208pp. 8 x 10. Gift inscription to previous owner of ffep. o/w fresh and unmarked. Fine.


Lyons-Charbonnieres Rally – March 1952. Original factory poster.

Sold Price: £120

Red and black printing. Celebrating Jaguar’s 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in the Unlimited Class. Comment at the foot notes that only 73 competitors finished out of 124 starters. 20 x 30. Bottom rh corner sl chipped. Top rh corner ½-inch tear repairable. V light surface creasing invisible from a distance of 5 feet. VG.


“10,000 miles at 106 mph using Improved Castrol” – Castrol poster for March 1963

Estimate Price: (e£50-75)

Mark 2 Record-breaking run at Monza. Edgy and w some creasing but rare. Good.


A small Acropolis Rally poster from the fifth run in April 1957 that features a stylised XK 120.

Estimate Price: (e£50-75)

It measures 13 x 19 and these small posters very rarely survive. A rare poster and the first I have seen for the Acropolis in the best part of 30 years. It is in VG condition with only the horizontal mailing creases holding it below a Fine grading.


“Motor Sport” – September 1949.

Estimate Price: (e£10-15)

Cover photo of XK 120 race number 7 (Johnson) winning first time out at the Production Car Race at Silverstone in August that year. Peter Walker was second also in an XK 120. An historic race that served notice that Jaguar’s extraordinary progress in motor racing during the 1950s had begun. Some cover rubs front and back (as usual) o/w VG.


“Git out of my way!”. Ford Falcon being pushed hard by a Mark 2.

Estimate Price: (e£10-15)

The trick here is to shove your Mark 2 bumper under the higher bumper of the Falcon in front and lift his back wheels off the road. The loss of traction can cause a spin (hopefully!). This was shot at Brands Hatch in the late 1960s and in the full-size photos the rear wheels of the Falcon are certainly spinning. 9.5 x 7 photo on 12 x 8 card mount. Mount bumped but photo VG.


Coombes Mark 2 Regd no 8TPL cocking a wheel at Goodwood. Race No 118.

Sold Price: £20

Hand-written note on back says – “Chicane. Goodwood. R. Salvadori. Coombes Jag”. 8.5 x 6.5. VG.


The Lindner/Nocker Mark 2 that was so successful on European tracks in the early 1960s.

Estimate Price: (e£10-15)

WI-PL1 was their first racer and was followed by WI-PL 2 – “PL” for Peter Lindner” of course! 8.5 x 6.5. Leyland Cars stamp on back. Fine.


A deeply poignant photo of Stirling Moss’ father walking slowly towards Atkinson Morley Hospital in Wimbledon where his son still lay unconscious after his Easter Monday 1962 crash at Goodwood on the day before.

Sold Price: £10

A Keystone press photo with stamps and caption on back. VG.


“Regulations for the Tourist Trophy Race of the Royal Automobile Club – 1951”.

Estimate Price: (e£10-15)

8-page booklet. RS. Manuscript notes on cover “15/Sep. Cover sl spotted. Good to VG.


Competitor’s car plaque for the 40th anniversary of anniversary in 1988 of the XK120 high speed run at 132.6 mph in May 1949. VG.

Sold Price: £12.50

Competitor’s car plaque for the 40th anniversary of anniversary in 1988 of the XK120 high speed run at 132.6 mph in May 1949. VG.


Poster for the 50th anniversary of the run in May 1999. Fine.

Estimate Price: (e£10-15)

Poster for the 50th anniversary of the run in May 1999. Fine.


Ecurie Ecosse Jaguar D-type.

Sold Price: £175

1957 Le Mans winner driven by Ron Flockhart and Ivor Bueb. 1:24 scale model by Historic Replicars. Signed by “J Haynes” – John Haynes, founder of the company. Fine. Rare.


Ecurie Ecosse mechanics working on their D-types before the 1959 run of the “Race of Two Worlds” at Monza.

Estimate Price: (e£10-15)

Ron Gaudion is leaning into the car with Peter Mossman on his left. Stan Sproat stood on the right. Wilkie Wilkinson is sporting his white solar toupee at the next car with his back to the camera. 10 x 8. Unusual. VG.


Ecurie Ecosse Transporter chassis drawing with title “Frame Assembly – Assembled by Commer Cars”.

Estimate Price: (e£50-75)

Reference No – 3074832. Date obscured. Wide at 53 x 29. Side view at top. Plan view below. Part numbers shown for specific components such as pedal gear assembly, hydrovac, cab mounting brackets, etc. This came to me from the closing-down sale at Lynx and I was assured that this is the chassis on which the Ecurie Ecosse Transporter was built. Very rare, possibly unique. VG.


Ecurie Ecosse – The story of Scotland’s international racing team” by David Murry. Stanley Paul. 1962.

Estimate Price: (e£40-50)

183 pp.  History of the famous team founded by David Murray and various keen amateur Scottish racers in the early 50s, which went to race internationally with Jaguar C Type and D Type, winning the Le Mans 24 hours two years in succession in the mid-50s. Drivers who raced for the team included Roy Salvadori, Masten Gregory, Ron Flockhart, Ninian Sanderson, Ivor Bueb, Jimmy Stewart, Ian Stewart etc. VG/VG.


“Ecurie Ecosse. A Social History of Motor Racing from the Fifties to the Nineties” by Graham Gauld. Paperback. 11.5 x 8. 210pp.

Estimate Price: (e£40-50)

11.5 x 8. 210 pp. Published privately by Graham Gauld Public Relations in 1992, Covers the glories of the 1950s as well as the revival of the team in the early 1980s by Hugh McCaig and Graham himself. They went on to win the 1986 World Manufacturers Championship for Group C2 cars. Draws heavily on private correspondence between Ecurie Ecosse and Jaguar cars. Fascinating! Fine and largely unread.


A powder compact available to members of the Ecurie Ecosse Association in the late 1950s.

Sold Price: £76

The car depicted is the D-type that won the 1957 Le Mans. An unusual item that has seen some wear but is still a highly-collectable item for those interested in the Scottish team or Le Mans more widely. VG.