The run-away highlight of this auction is a comprehensive group of rare and sometimes unique items from Lightweight E-types (LWE), C-type and D-type cars

This is the cover photo for the auction catalogue and shows a selection of items from the “Lost E-type”, the Kjell Qvale Lightweight (S850660) that went to ground and lay undetected in a Los Angeles garage for 35 years! All bar the wheel rims in the stack on the right are from this car.


Unused LWE dry sump oil tank from the Qvale LWE. Fine.

Estimate price: (e£400-500)

Unused LWE dry sump oil tank from the Qvale LWE. Fine.


Original LWE fuel tank from the Qvale LWE. Fine.

Estimate price: (e£350- £400)

Original LWE fuel tank from the Qvale LWE


Original Jaguar LWE radiator from the Qvale LWE. Fine.

Estimate price: (e£250-300).

Original Jaguar LWE radiator from the Qvale LWE. Fine.


Original alloy Dunlop wheel for LWE. Fine.

Estimate price: (e£300-350)

Original alloy Dunlop wheel for LWE. Fine


Smiths Chronometric RC167 D-type rev counter. Fine.

Estimate price: (e£500-600)

Smiths Chronometric RC167 D-type rev counter


A very impressive Javan Smith model of the Cunningham LWE WK 5114 (S850664), in his signature 1:8 scale

Estimate price: (e£1750-2000)

The photograph does not do justice to the “presence” of Javan’s model. It is an imposing piece nearly two feet long and the level of detail is especially evident at this scale. Mounted on a plastic base, it is protected by a Perspex case. 5114 WK was the first of the three “Lightweights” that Briggs Cunningham entered Le Mans in 1963. Javan’s LWE models are among the rarest of his Jaguar creations as he has majored on the C-types and D-types. Fine


An Original Sebring March 1963 12 Hour Poster by Florida Society Artist Vincenzo Maria Zito.

Estimate price: (e£650-850)

This poster will appeal to two groups of collectors. The first is the Jaguar connection with two LWE’s entered, one of which was the Kjell Qvale LWE that features so strongly in this auction. Driven by Ed Leslie and Frank Morrill, it achieved a very respectable 7th position. The other LWE, from the Cunningham team, finished in 8th position, one lap behind. The second group is those collectors with an interest in the art of Florida society artist, Vincenzo Maria Zito. His cartoons of the leaders of society in Florida, including the seasonal visitors from the likes of New York and Los Angeles, sold well at the time and still do. Zito created few such posters so they have a special position within his total work. Size overall – 22 x 31. Mounted, framed and glazed. Fine


The original French government poster for Le Mans 1960.

Estimate price: (e£350-400)

The superb over-head photo by Frenchman Yves Debraine, shows the start of the 1959 race with the Ecurie Ecosse Tojeiro-Jaguar, RSF 301, quickly away. These posters are actually seen less often than the one produced by the race organisers. Size overall – 16 x 24. Mounted, framed and glazed. Fine. (e£350-400)


A superb Jaguar showroom sign from the late 1940s/early 1950s.

Estimate price: (e£750-1000)

Made of black Perspex, metal-framed and with metal lettering and winged Jaguar logo. 34 x 18 in size. This is the very rare double-sided version for hanging in the centre of a showroom rather than against a wall. One side has very few marks, the other side has some paint and other marks. See pictures for details. The chrome-plated metal surround would also repay some work. Seldom seen and in Good condition with potential for Fine.


Five Pre-war SS Cars Brochures are offered in this sale

Estimate price: (e£100-250).

SS Jaguar Models & Prices for 1936. Mid-brown double-thickness card cover with SS Cars wings showing the word “Jaguar” printed below the SS hexagon – one of the very first brochures to do so. Internally, details of 2.5 litre Jaguar “100”, Saloon and Open Tourer, plus 1.5 litre Saloon. 2. SS Cars Side Valve Chassis for 1936. 8 x 11. Mid-blue double-thickness card cover with SS Cars winged logo. Internally, details of SS1 Airline and two-door saloon as well as the SS2 2-door Saloon. 3. SS Jaguar grey card wallet with green embossed SS hexagon badge and the word ‘Jaguar’ on the flap. Contains three reprints of articles from UK motoring press. As usual, the staples holding the papers together have rusted badly, staining the papers and the inside of the wallet. 4. SS Cars 1939 brochure. Leaf green thin card cover with dark green panel showing “Jaguar 1939 Models. Features the Saloon and DHC with 1.5, 2.5 and 3.5 engines and the “100” Sports model with either the 2.5 or 3.5 litre engine. 5. SS Jaguar range for 1938. Slim grey brochure covering the Saloon and DHC with 1.5, 2.5 and 3.5 engines, along with the “100” Sports model with either the 2.5 or 3.5 litre engine. Condition from Good to VG.


A Wooden Pattern for casting a Metal SS Cars Sign.

Estimate price: (e£400-500)

I first saw this pattern at Beaulieu back in the 1990s. Subsequently I had the good fortune to add a metal sign to my collection that had obviously been cast from the pattern. I featured that sign on page 191 of my book “Jaguar Collectibles”. The pattern measures 15 ins across and 13 ins from top to bottom and is a very rare SS Cars item indeed. Fine.


“Challenge me the Race” Mike Hawthorn’s autobiography – signed by Mike

Estimate price: (e£500-600)

The signature carries my personal guarantee of authenticity (there are forgeries out there). The coverage is from Mike’s earliest years to the end of the 1957 season. Deals with his principal drives for Jaguar including the fateful race at Le Man in 1955 at well as his time with Ferrari. There is the usual page-browning inside the front and back covers otherwise both the book and the d/w are in Fine condition. One of the best copies I have seen in a very long time. VG to Fine.


A hall-marked sterling silver XJ220 key fob and pouch.

Estimate price: (e£300-350)

Contained in a most elegant soft black leather presentation case. These were commissioned by Jaguar Japan for the public launch of the production XJ220 at the Tokyo Motor Show in October 1991. I understand that less than 20 were made. Fine.


XJ220 Service Manual.

Estimate price: (e£200-250)

Loose-leaf 4-ring binder with the standard “metallic” finish under a laminate coating. The “Jaguar XJ220” brand logo common to all the principal items of literature for the car, is at top left. Printed on high-grade coated paper. Contains Introduction and 15 Sections covering all aspects of the car and the line drawings are an education in themselves into the complexity of the vehicle. Title page clean and the remaining pages have none of the finger-marks, annotations and other markings that usually disfigure such books. In my opinion, this copy has sat in a cupboard year-after-year unopened. It has certainly never been near a workshop. Fine.


XJ220 Parts Manual.

Estimate price: (e£150-200)

Uniform with the above Manual. Same loose-leaf 4-ring binder with the standard “metallic” finish under a laminate coating and the “Jaguar XJ220” brand logo is at top left. 390 pages printed on high-grade coated paper. Introduction and 16 Sections covering all aspects of the car and the line drawings are gain a feature. Title page dusty (as is more usual) but the remaining pages have none of the finger-marks, annotations and other markings. Back cover split internally along the spine edge. I believe this copy has rarely, if ever, been near a workshop. VG.


A boxed set of six Roy Nockolds’ table mats as presented to George (Bobbie) Parkes by Jaguar to celebrate his 8th place in the 1959 Monte Carlo Rally

Estimate price: (e£500-550)

The box is oak with a Jaguar horn-push set into the lid. The contents are the standard six Nockolds images of Jaguar’s competitive triumphs in the 1950s. On the front of the box is a sterling silver plaque engraved – “To G. H. F. Parkes esq. From Jaguar Cars Ltd. In appreciation of his fine performance in the 1959 Monte Carlo Rally”. A unique piece celebrating a fine run by one of the most consistent of the 1950s rally drivers. The box and contents show only light wear and are in Fine condition.


The very rare leather-bound version of “XK in Australia” with an XK120 radiator badge set into the cover.

Estimate price: (e£1000-1250)

This superb book stands in the front rank of the Jaguar library as a testament to years of diligent research and scholarship. Co-authored by John Elmgreen and Terry McGrath, two luminaries of the Australian Jaguar scene, this book was published in New South Wales in 1985. It is a huge book – 10 inches by 13.5 inches in size and 373 pages in length. Publication was limited to 1000 numbered copies. There were three basic editions of the book – first, the standard buckram-bound book, with or without a dust wrapper (see No 19 below). Secondly, a leather-bound edition with no badge. Finally, this superb edition with a full leather binding and a facsimile XK120 bonnet badge set into the cover. All editions were numbered within the same 1-1000 run but from an e-mail exchange with the authors, I believe that only 30-40 copies were produced with the badge. This copy is No 104. It is in excellent condition and appears to be unread internally. The spine and part of the front cover have been sunned and only this prevents a “Mint” grading.


The Jaguar XK In Australia by John Elmgreen and Terry McGrath Limited Edition No 808/1000 – signed by Terry McGrath.

Estimate price: (e£800-900)

This is the standard edition of the book more fully described at 18 above and is numbered 808 from the limited edition of 1000. It is a huge book 10 inches by 13.5 inches in size (or “folio” as the antiquarian booksellers would have it) and 373 pages in length. Strongly bound in green cloth boards with a dust-wrapper of the same paper as the end papers. Quite a few copies have lost their dust-wrappers as the “wrap-rounds” were slightly undersized, so they easily came adrift from the book. And the contents are what you would expect from a 14-year project: background chapters on production statistics and the business of exporting and selling Jaguars into Australia; exhaustive histories of individual cars; the XK (including C Types and D Types) in competition and a fascinating chapter of magazine articles. For me this book ticks both boxes, it is a superbly produced offering for the collector, while at the same time appealing to the Jaguar fan by the wealth of history and scores of excellent photographs, most seldom seen outside Australia and the Antipodes. Near Mint book with Fine, protected, D/W.


A gorgeous pair of 18 carat gold Jaguar pens.

Estimate price: (e£500-600)

Each pen cap is fitted with a beautifully-cast Jaguar head with diamonds set as the eyes. The pens are validated by a signed certificate from the prestigious goldsmith and jeweller, Michael Platt, confirming that both pens are “18 ct yellow gold” and that both are set with “small diamond eyes. This is a superb and as far as I have been able to establish, a unique pair. Almost certainly created as a presentation set. Fine, near Mint.