Section A

The Collection of Norman Dewis OBE - Part 2


Later reprint of D-type service handbook by British Leyland.

Estimate Price: (e£100-150)

Undated but probably 1970s. Annotation top right in Norman’s hand “N. Dewis Exp. Vehicle Proving”. Layout and contents differ from the original. For example, no diagrams. For full coverage of the car both manuals are needed. Fine.


1960 Le Mans programme.

Sold Price: £128.80

The superb over-head photo by Frenchman Yves Debraine on the cover shows the start of the 1959 race with the Ecurie Ecosse Tojeiro-Jaguar, RSF 301, quickly away. RS. Internally fresh and unread.


Norman’s Sparco modern flame-proof racing suit with gloves and bag, plus unidentified boots.

Estimate Price: (e£250-300 the lot)

Worn but wearable. Or a memento. All VG. Bag sl faded.


Menu for Jaguar’s celebration dinner for the 1953 Le Mans victory.

Sold Price: £52.50

VG. Rare


Stirling Moss’ 1952 Christmas card to Norman.

Sold Price: £99.00

Personal signature and reference to Mille Miglia in blue ink. Rare.


Stirling Moss’ 1954 Christmas card to Norman.

Sold Price: £120.00

Shows UKD 406 at Dundrod. VG.


Jaguar Christmas card for 1951.

Sold Price: £20.00

Shows Roy Nockolds’ painting of the winning Walker/Whitehead C-type running under the Dunlop Bridge at night. Facsimile signature by William Lyons. Sl spotted o/w VG.


Jaguar Christmas card for 1956.

Estimate Price: (e£30-40)

Roy Nockolds’ painting of Ronnie Adams Mark 7 on its way to victory in the 1956 Monte Carlo rally. Facsimile signature by William Lyons. VG.


Jaguar Christmas card for 1957.

Sold Price: £20.00

Roy Nockolds’ painting of the Ecurie Ecosse D-type pressing on through mist at dawn. Facsimile signature by William Lyons. VG


The passing of a generation of Jaguar men.

Sold Price: £250.00

Memorial Service cards for Sir William Lyons, Lofty England, “Wally” Hassan, Mike Hawthorn, Jack Davis, George Mason and Trevor Crisp. A unique, poignant and probably unrepeatable group. VG or Fine.


Norman’s own 4.2 E-type Spare Parts Catalogue.

Sold Price: £60.00

Inscribed inside front cover in his own hand “N. Dewis. Dev Test Eng. Vehicle Proving Dept”. Starts at page vii. A working copy. Good.


Sandstorm 4-bottle wine carrier. Heavy-duty canvas and leather.

Sold Price: £66.00

Stylish. For Philip Porter’s XK Club. Minimal use. Fine.


Norman flat out in NUB 120 at the 1998 Copenhagen Classic.

Estimate Price: (e£15-20)

An A3-size print. Manuscript note on back. Fine.


Norman and a very hirsute young Stirling Moss in C-type race no 619 before the 1952 Mille Miglia.

Sold Price: £20.00

An A3-size reprint. Fine.


Superb original oil painting from Jaguar Club Denmark.

Estimate Price: (e£40-50)

Tight focus on left-hand lights of Series 1 E-type. “Norman” at top. Signed “snich 11(?)”. Small metal tab in centre of base “Jaguar Club Denmark”. Fine.


Dunlop “Giant two-stage two-cylinder foot pump”.

Sold Price: £54.00

From Norman’s garage. 19 inches long and weighing over 7 kilos. Probably from the 1950s, perhaps pre-war. Untested.


Enots “Autoram” high-pressure grease gun in brass.

Sold Price: £39.00

Retractable ram nozzle is present – often missing. These are now collectable items. From Norman’s garage. Fine and unrestored. Untested.


Norman with a group of Jaguar colleagues.

Estimate Price: (e£10-15)

Undated. If there are any Jaguar pensioners reading this who can help identify those in this photo, just mail me. Mounted, framed and glazed. Photo sl faded otherwise, VG.


Medal celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Goodwood circuit 1948-2008.

Sold Price: £158.00

Norman was a parade driver. See also Lot 211. Fine.


Comprehensive folder for the June 1997 D-type Cavalcade.

Estimate Price: (e£40-50)



E-type 50 – Fifty Years of a Design Icon.

Sold Price: £301.00*

This superb book was created by Jaguar as a limited edition to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the 1961 launch of the E-type. This is copy no 121 of 399, 131 pages hand-bound in a specially commissioned reproduction of the original Connolly leather used to upholster the car’s interior. This copy is signed by Norman. Not seen very often and rarely in this condition.


“Jaguar at Jabbeke”.

Estimate Price: (e£40-50)

Norman’s file for the 50th Anniversary Celebrations, 29-30 May 1999. Comprehensive. VG to Fine. Rare.


“Open E-type – 77 RW”.

Sold Price: £48.00

Set of 6 photos of the car after an accident by John Lumsden of the Service Dept, while driving to MIRA. Other photos of Norman with the car. Unusual.


Norman’s copy of the folder for the 2001 Geneva run for the E-type 40th anniversary celebrations.

Sold Price: £67.00

Includes – programme, route card, drivers and passengers, car details. Repro copy of the E-type launch brochure at the back and the Coventry Evening Telegraph’s 24-page souvenir publication for the anniversary. Not seen very often. Fine.


Three British Racing Mechanics Club (BRMC) dinner menus – 1965, 1959 and 1936.

Estimate Price: (e£50-75)

The 1959 menu was for the first annual dinner of the Club’s Midland Centre. The 1936 menu is especially rare as it was the Club’s first dinner and I suspect that very few will have survived. VG and Fine.


A collection of BRMC correspondence, mainly mid-1960s.

Sold Price: £40.00

Some occasional later items. All routine papers with no rarities. Also, a collection of tickets to BRMC functions in the late 1960s and early 1970s along with copies of the club magazine “Racing Mechanic”. Norman was Club Chairman for 10 years. Mainly VG and Fine. Rare as a collection.


Print of Norman at speed on the MIRA banking in a D-type.

Sold Price: £10.00

Artist unknown. Unmounted. VG.


Veuve Clicquot ¼ litre shoulder flask.

Sold Price: £26.00

A presentation item. Unusual. Fine and unused.


Swiss Army penknife for the E-type 40th Anniversary in Geneva.

Sold Price: £53.00

2001, Fine.


A pair of champagne flutes for the 2001 JCNA Challenge Championship.

Estimate Price: (e£15-20)



Tray from the bar in Norman’s house.

Sold Price: £42.00

VG clean condition.


Two small, gilded Jaguar mascots, also from Norman’s bar.

Sold Price: £63.00



A small collection of rally plates from the cars that Norman drove at various events.

Estimate Price: (e£50-75)

Various dates and various events. Unusual. Fine.


Norman’s own Shell Motorist Atlas.

Sold Price: £10.00

Inscribed “N Dewis” at the top in his own hand. Good.


Silk tie by Stefano Ricci showing Mille Miglia logo.

Sold Price: £150.00

Presented to Norman at Anniversary celebrations. Boxed. Fine, Unworn.


Jaguar Apprentice Magazine, January 1958.

Sold Price: £35.00

Vol 1 No 1 of new series. Mike Hawthorn on cover showing Chris Lever and Pat Smart his personal 4-spoke steering wheel. Includes 4-page article by Norman on his acting as navigator to Stirling Moss in the 1952 Millie Miglia. Fine. Rare.


Jaguar Apprentices Magazine for Summer 1962.

Sold Price: £13.50

Cover shows R. G. Merick’s E-type, 7004 WD, in the Monte Carlo Rally. Includes 6-page article on 8 weeks of testing the Mark X in Europe. Norman led the team. Rare. Some repairs o/w VG.


Motor Racing – April 1961.

Sold Price: £10.00

Cover photo of Norman at the wheel of the red E-type test car on the MIRA banking. Good.


Presentation pen by Cross for the Pebble Beach Concourse.

Sold Price: £27.00

No date. Fine. Unused.


”The Most Beautiful Car Ever Made”.

Sold Price: £70.00

Enzo Ferrari’s praise introduces this splendid booklet which was produced by Malcom Sayer’s family to celebrate his E-type’s 50th Anniversary. Tributes by his daughter, Kate, and his grandson, Sam. Foreword by Philip Porter. Superb. Rare.


Poster for the 2017 “British Sports Car Hall of Fame” induction.

Sold Price: £50.00

23 people were inducted, including Norman. Poster signed by Norman and 7 others including Bob Tullius. A little scuffed o/w VG.


Two copies of Jaguar Journal – The JCNA magazine, not the Jaguar factory magazine.

Sold Price: £200.00

February 1961 and April 1961. The latter features the newly-launched E-type. Both copies are annotated at the top “Mr R. Knight. Experimental Department”. Bob Knight was Jaguar’s Chief Engineer and later MD. Covers rubbed o/w Good.


This is one of Norman’s personal photo albums.

Sold Price: £65.00

Although it starts with his run driving a D-type in the 1955 Le Mans, it also covers much more. 11 plastic sleeves, each with at least two photos or newspaper clippings. Unique.


Autocar magazine for 3 August 1956.

Estimate Price: (e£10-15)

Includes Le Mans report. Good.


Norman in XKD 508 chasing Mike Hawthorn in UKD 505 – Le Mans 1955.

Sold Price: £35.00

A presentation item, framed and glazed. Fine. A rare photo.


Norman leaning nonchalantly on XJ13.

Sold Price: £15.00

Venue unknown. Fine.


Norman smiling at wheel of D-type with Mille Miglia badge just in view.

Estimate Price: (e£10-15)

Framed. Glazed. VG.


OKV 3 at Loughborough College Motor Club hill-climb in 1956.

Estimate Price: (e£10-15)

Scanned newspaper photo so a little grainy but historic. Framed and glazed VG.


Stirling Moss and Norman together.

Estimate Price: (e£10-15)

Dated August 2010 but venue not know, Mounted and glazed. Fine.