Owner’s Handbook for the XJ220.

Sold Price: £367.50

8 x 6. 116 pp. Prices for the 5-book handbook sets that came with each car are rising gradually. The main reason being that as the cars change hands, the books do not necessarily follow, so the new owners want the books for their cars. The Owner’s Handbook has always had a premium over the other books in the set and this one is an excellent example. Hardly read and only a sl bump on the lower rh corner excludes a “Mint” grading. Fine. Rare.


A short-sleeve XJ220 poplin shirt as worn by staff of the Jaguar (not TWR) hospitality operation supporting the 1993 Le Mans entry.

Estimate Price: (e£100-125)

e£100-125. “XJ220 Le Mans” logo on left breast and a larger version of the logo, plus the leaper on the back. Maker is “Premier”. Size is 17”/43 cm. This is a rare item and the first I have seen. Fresh and clean and in Fine condition.


Rear cover for the XJ 220 transmission.

Sold Price: £55.00

Has ‘Jaguar Sport’ and number ‘CD46916’ cast in the metal. One for the spares stash? Fine.


Front centre-piece for the standard XJ220 steering wheel.

Estimate Price: (e£50-75)



Wheel nut stamped “Made in Germany”.

Sold Price: £40.00

Not sure whether this is a prototype or a production item. Either way, a neat paper-weight! Fine.


XJ220 boost hose for the V6 Twin Turbo engine.

Estimate Price: (e£75-100)

Part No – 3966 AE. Fine. Unused.


“Jaguar XJ220 Competition” – JaguarSport press release dated 7 Jan 1993 announcing creation of XJ220C.

Estimate Price: (e£100-125)

2-page press release plus 3-page specs, brief history of JaguarSport Ltd, and two separate spec sheets – one for ”Jaguar XJ220 – Group N” and one for ”Jaguar XJ220 – Le Mans”. Plus two mono photos. All are contained in the correct embossed white card JaguarSport folder. Folder and contents VG near Fine. The most complete pack for the XJ220C launch I have seen. Very rare indeed. Folder v sl rubbed, contents Fine.


Press pack produced by Jaguar in the US.

Estimate Price: (e£30-40)

Reports on the “Fast Master” race series. Contains 4 press releases: XJ220 – The Fast Masters Race Car. XJ220 – Racing into History. XJ220 – Safety at Speed. XJ220 – Model History. No photos. Pack Fine. Papers RS o/w Fine.


“Jaguar is back at Le Mans.

Estimate Price: (e£20-25)

Twenty-four Hour Debut for XJ220 Supercar”. Specially-printed company press pack for XJ220C debut at Le Mans in June 1993 recalling the 1953 victory. Matt brg card press pack. Contents are 4 Jaguar press releases, including driver bios and a detailed spec of the XJ220C. Also 2-page press release from Unipart, the principal sponsor. RS. 3 mono images of XJ220C car no 50 and one of the 1953 winning C-Type. Fine and not seen very often with such comprehensive contents.


TWR Racing.

Sold Price: £40.00

“Engineering Excellence – Jaguar XJ220-C”. A 4-page card folder on the XJ220C. Fully illustrated in colour. Aimed at sponsors and customers intending to race the car. Support offered includes Profiling; Finance; After-sales; On-track support; Hospitality. This is a rare item in Fine condition.


Two full-colour photos of the XJ220C – one in yellow (perhaps the launch car) and one in the Martini livery used in the 1993 Italian GT Championship.

Estimate Price: (e£10-15)

Scalextric model of the XJ220C.

Sold Price: £15.00

In full working order. Fine.


A superb print by Robert Walster of the 1993 Le Mans car No 50.

Sold Price: £30.00

This was the Nielsen, Brabham, Coulthard car that won its class. Sl edgy to the right but this could easily be trimmed at the mounting stage. VG.


Each XJ220 sold was accompanied by a certification of allocation signed by Sir John Egan, William Hayden and Tom Walkinshaw.

Sold Price: £40.00

This is the dummy seeking approval for the design of the certificate. It uses facsimile signatures. Clearly, the design was approved as the certificates were duly issued. For a variety of reasons, various certificates did not follow the cars and these are listed below. Please note that the border here and for all the certificates below is silver, not black. This is a scanning effect.


Certificate with car No 1 allocated.

Sold Price: £63.00

No signatures. Fine.


Certificate with car No 93 allocated.

Sold Price: £30.00

No signatures. Fine.


Certificate with car No 97 allocated and signed.

Sold Price: £60.00



Certificate with car No 205 allocated and signed.

Sold Price: £60.00



Certificate with car No 210 allocated and signed.

Sold Price: £60.00



Certificate with car No 213 allocated and signed.

Sold Price: £61.00*



Certificate with car No 249 allocated.

Sold Price: £60.00

No signatures. Fine.


Certificate with car No 283 allocated and signed.

Sold Price: £66.00



Certificate with car No 294 allocated.

Sold Price: £60.00

No signatures. Fine.


Blank certificate in the elegant embossed card folder in which all certificates were presented to owners of the cars.

Sold Price: £75.00

“Go – Silver Racer” – radio-controlled XJ220 model.

Sold Price: £40.00

1:15 scale – 12 inches long. Non-standard livery. Largely unused. Untested so sold as seen. Box is dusty and rubbed. VG model in Good box.


XJ220 1:24 scale kit by Tamiya.

Estimate Price: (e£20-25)

Silver-grey model. Internal packs unopened and instructions present. Fine.


XJ220 1:24 scale kit by Italeri.

Estimate Price: (e£20-25)

BRG model. Internal packs opened and instructions present. Fine.


Danbury Mint pewter model of the XJ220.

Sold Price: £31.00

1:43. Fine.


I was delighted when another set of these came in! Four different XJ220C race liveries and as far as I can see, they are pretty accurate.

Sold Price: £200.00

Not really models, but pencil tins about 6 inches long. Rarely offered as a full set. Fine.


Maisto XJ220 1:12 scale model.

Estimate Price: (e£30-40)

Special Edition. Mint Boxed.


Maisto XJ220 1:12 scale model.

Estimate Price: (e£20-25)

“Gold” edition. Fine but lacking the rear aerofoil. Mint unboxed.


“XJ 220” by Philip Porter with photos by Peter Burn.

Sold Price: £175.00

Osprey Automotive, 1994. 10 x 11. 286 pp. Black cloth binding in black cloth slip-case and contained in the original mailing box. This remains the definitive work on the XJ220. Philip’s well-crafted and informed words are neatly complemented by Peter Burn’s fine images. Fine book in VG mailing box


“XJ 220” by Philip Porter with photos by Peter Burn.

Estimate Price: (e£175-200)

Osprey Automotive, 1994. 10 x 11. 286 pp. Black cloth binding in black cloth slip-case. both slightly sunned. VG.


“Jaguar XJ220 – The Inside Story” by Mike Moreton.

Estimate Price: (e£10-15)

160 pp. Veloce Publishing. 2010. Mike Moreton was head-hunted by Tom Walkinshaw specifically to run the XJ220 project. Useful insights and excellent photographs. Unread.


Full-colour photo of Tom Walkinshaw testing Prototype No 4 at Pembery in 1991.

Sold Price: £30.00

Contained in an embossed XJ220 folder. At this point Speedline wheels had not been adopted. Photo Fine. Folder has stains at the foot of the cover.


Very comprehensive press pack for the media launch of the XJ220 at Bloxham in 1992.

Sold Price: £250.00

Contains – 3-page press release. 2-page Key Events summary from unveiling of concept at the 1988 Motor Show to completion of the EEC homologation process in 1992. 2-page listing off the 12 stages in the production process. Layout of the Bloxham factory. Outline spec of the car. Plus four 10 x 8 photos, fifteen (yes, 15) 7 x 5 photos taken in and around the Bloxham factory. A further four full-colour slides. All contained in the white embossed XJ220 folder. This is by far the most comprehensive XJ220 press kit I have seen. Fine contents in Fine folder. Very rare.


A second press pack for the 1992 media launch.

Sold Price: £77.00

This one contains a 23-page script for (presumably) the PowerPoint presentation given to the assembled media. At the end of the script are chart, graphs, etc, comparing the XJ220 with its rivals – the Ferrari F40, Lamborghini Diablo and Porsche 959. The XJ220 tops every list! Includes five 8 x 10 photos that do not duplicate those in the pack above. All contained in the white embossed “JaguarSport” folder. The level of detail in the presentation script in exceptional. Fine contents in Fine folder. Also very rare.


Press pack from Aluminium Structure Vehicle Technology (ASVT).

Estimate Price: (e£40-50)

Includes 6-page history of the company. 4-page leaflet on the role of the company in manufacturing the XJ220. 4-page reprint from Autocar & Motor about the work of the company. A 12-page reprint of an article in the same magazine about the company’s involvement in the XJ220 project. Contents Fine in a sl edgy ASVT folder. Another rarity.


This is the official XJ220 factory poster.

Sold Price: £40.00

22 x 15. Supplied in black card tube. Fine.


Photo-proof of the image used for the poster in the Lot above.

Sold Price: £30.00

25 x 18. Sl edgy o/w Fine.


XJ220 launch brochure.

Sold Price: £36.75

The standard black XJ220 launch brochure from JaguarSport showing the V6 engine. 11.5 x 11.5. 12 pp. plus tissue inlays. Superb photography. VG to Fine.


XJ220 calendar.

Sold Price: £25.00

The official Jaguar factory calendar for 1992. Very dramatic full-page shots of this most photogenic of cars. Unopened and still in its original mailing pack. Mint.


A small collection of 7 colour photos of the XJ220.

Sold Price: £35.00



Jaguar Sport 1992 Christmas card with XJ220 on the front.

Sold Price: £35.00

Sale of XJ220 “Prototype 02 – Regd No H984 PVW”.

Sold Price: £22.00

H&H Auction catalogue for 24 July 2013. The car is Lot no 34 and there is a comprehensive history of the car. Fine, Historic.


This is Lucas representative, Norman Bushell’s, personal copy of the leather-bound commemorative photographic album produced by Jaguar Cars after the world record run at the Montlhéry circuit in August 1952.

Estimate Price: (e£7,000-7,500)

That event set four world records and saw the XK 120 fhc, LWK 707, average 100.31 mph for seven days. Truly a performance worth commemorating!

The album itself contains 149 black and white prints on 17 pages of photographic paper. They cover many aspects of the run including the celebrations at the end. One full page shows that iconic photo of the car running high on the Montlhéry banking as dawn breaks over the circuit. This was taken by one of the staff photographers from “Vachon Photographe” the Parisian agency appointed as official photographers to the event. The photo was Roy Nockolds’ inspiration for his striking Jaguar showroom poster of the event.

In addition to the album itself, this lot also contains the extremely rare celebration Dinner Menu at which the albums were presented, plus two newspaper clippings related to the record run, an official Jaguar Montlhéry Christmas card signed by Morris Mortimer-Goodall, Jaguar cars Competition Manager at the time, and contemporary hand written details of Records Broken and Records Bettered. There is also a Fine copy of the scarce ‘Jaguar Proves It’ booklet produced by Shell to celebrate their contribution.

I understand that these albums were presented at a special ”Montlhéry Reunion Party” held at the Hyde Park Hotel in London on 27 October 1952, for which the very rare original menu is also included in this lot. I have never been able to establish how many albums were presented on the evening but however many there were, it will be a long time before you see another one with a collection of signatures like this. William Lyons heads the list (the knighthood came later), followed by the drivers – Stirling Moss, Jack Fairman and Leslie Johnson. I can’t spot Bert Hadley’s signature, but it may be one of those I could not decipher.

Then come the rest of the Jaguar team – Bill Heynes, Arthur Whittaker, Ernest Rankin, Mortimer Morris-Goodall, Phil Weaver, Joe Thompson (two signatures – one for each bottle?), Bob Berry, Joe “Soapy” Sutton and Harry Weslake. Two guests from the Paris dealership that organised the event – Christian Delecroix (the dealer) and Gerard Leveque. Other signatures include guests Bryan Turle of Shell and Desmond Scannell, Secretary of the BDRC and there are several I have not been able to identify, so there’s a nice winter research project in here too!

The album is in fine condition with the leather binding fresh and unmarked. The photographs have little sign of age-related deterioration. The album has been protected by its own specially-made cloth-bound solander box that has the same cover imprint as the album. The solander box shows some wear, but has performed well in its task of protecting the album.

In view of the high value of this Lot, special bidding arrangements will apply. Above £6000, bidding will be in £200 steps. However, if the winning bid is less than £200 above the second bid, then that bid will succeed at the sum bid. So, if bidder A is top bidder at £8,350 and bidder B is the under-bidder at £8,280, then bidder A will win the Lot at a hammer price of £8,350, not £8,480.

This is a superb item commemorating a milestone event in the creation of the Jaguar legend and with a stunning collection of some of the most desirable Jaguar and Jaguar-related signatures of the era. A Fine album in a Good solander box.


The very rare brochure for the V12-engined version of the XJ220 that never went into production.

Sold Price: £1,400.00

A 12-page brochure, 11.5 x 11.5, that differs from the standard version in text as well as the photographs that show the engine (see following Lot 1048). A copy of the standard brochure is included in this lot for comparison. This is one of the rarest and most sought-after post-war Jaguar brochures. A small number were produced before the decision was taken to run with the V6 turbocharged engine. Most were then destroyed but a tiny number escaped into the wild. The front and back covers of this brochure are noticeably scuffed, but the internals are Fine.


Five large photos from the final design stage of the above brochure.

Sold Price: £400.00

20 x 24 and very impressive at that size. As well as the shot of the V12 engine in the car, there are two external shots – front and rear – and two internal shots. As well as the engine shot, both internals and one of the externals were used in the brochure. Probably unique as a set. Both external shots are scuffed (see photos), the others are VG nr Fine.


A unique concept board presented at an earlier stage of the XJ220 brochure design process.

Sold Price: £1,200.00

20 x 24. This was produced by Warwicks, who were Jaguar’s principal contractors for the likes of brochures at the time. They envisaged a 16-page brochure with the extra pages giving space for a joint introduction by Tom Walkinshaw and John Egan and more photos. As with Lot 1047 above, the V12 engine is shown. A unique perspective not only of the design process for such a key document, but also clues to the way marketing thoughts for the XJ220 were evolving. An intriguing offer that neatly complements Lot 1047. Fine. Unique.


Bonnet badge for the XJR 15.

Sold Price: £500.00

One of the rarest post-war Jaguar badges. A shade over 2 inches in diameter. Fine.