An unopened Jaguar Daimler parts package containing a V2 Gordon Crosby mascot.

Sold Price: £197.20

Almost certainly unique. Label shows part no as BD10954 with the description “Bonnet Mascot”. Date is “Sept 1969”.  The sealing tape around the package is intact. The V2 mascot was introduced as an optional extra on the Mark 1 in 1955 and remained in production until the 240 bowed out in 1969. This is therefor probably from one of the last production runs before the mascot was discontinued with the arrival of the XJ6. A genuinely historic item. However, like those bottles of Napoleon brandy, it must not be opened! Unique. Intact. Fine.


An NOS V2 Gordon Crosby mascot.

Sold Price: £74.76

This one you can see! These are generally not rare but this is the finest example I have seen and that is rare. It is no exaggeration to call it Mint. One for the serious mascot collector or for the front of your concours Jaguar.


JDC badge No B388 by Pinches, London.

Estimate Price: (e£60-70)

Pinches held the first contract for the JDC badges back in the late 50s and are the only company to have marked the badges with their name. The B-series of badges are rare and I have never managed to pin down how many of them were produced or why the B designation. Old style with vitreous enamel in-filling to the scroll rather than plasticote. Has seen time on the front of a car and shows sl oxidation on the front, which will clean o/w VG.


“TT” key fob from the Tourist Trophy garage owned by Mike Hawthorn’s father.

Sold Price: £96.00

Chipped and worn but very rare. Good.


A beautifully hand-crafted copper rendition of a Series 3 E-type.

Estimate Price: (e£100-125)

This was made in South Africa as a personal gift to a classic car enthusiast. 20 x 12. Impressive. Fine nr Mint.


A Jaguar clock. Battery-driven.

Sold Price: £25.00

Maker not shown. 13 inches in diameter. Keeps good time. Fine.


A black leather briefcase from the Jaguar Collection range.

Sold Price: £60.00

External pocket at back. Two open compartments inside plus one zipped compartment. Has seen v sl use but will easily polish up well. Fine.


Two black fabric Jaguar display signs.

Estimate Price: (e£100-125)

A large oval sign – 100 x 40 at widest. A straight drop-banner 100 x 35. For the garage? Or the Club display stand? Both Fine.


The first of three leather desk-top blotter sets.

Estimate Price: (e£40-50)

Black and made in-house at the Jaguar. Opens to left and right with blotting paper in the centre and two side flaps for other papers. 24 x 20 opening to 48 x 20. Used but in Fine condition.


The second leather desk-top blotter set.

Estimate Price: (e£40-50)

Terracotta and made in-house at the Jaguar. Opens to left and right with blotting paper in the centre and two side flaps for other papers. 24 x 20 opening to 48 x 20. Used but in Fine condition.


The third and final leather desk-top blotter set.

Sold Price: £60.00

Grey/blue and made in-house at the Jaguar with the steering wheel badge of the early XJ saloons inset at the top. Opens to left and right with blotting paper in the centre and two side flaps for other papers. 24 x 20 opening to 48 x 20. Used but in Fine condition.


Three Jaguar binders containing Service Bulletins from January 1960 to April 1972.

Sold Price: £551.25

Grouped into 18 section spread across all three volumes and relating to the subject matter – engine, gear box, steering, suspension, brakes, body, electrics, etc. Bearing in mind that the public did much of Jaguars road testing and the feedback came through the dealer network, these Bulletins are an important supplement to the Service Manuals and Parts Catalogues. If you own an XK150 or a Series 1/2/3 E-type, these are important documents for you. Similarly for owners of saloons such as the Mark 2, Mark X, 420G, 420, 240/340 and Series 1 XJ6/12. In good used condition and largely free of the usual scribbles and greasy finger-marks. Binders could do with a wipe and the metal binder rings show some surface rust. Very rare in this quantity as a three-volume set.


3.4 and 3.8 S-type Owner’s Pack.

Sold Price: £101.00

Contains – Drivers Handbook, ref E/127/3. Periodic Maintenance Vouchers, ref E/128/2. Sales & Service Facilities in UK booklet, dated September 1963. JDC prospectus. All are contained in the correct brown-backed plastic wallet with a straight edge to the flap. The handbook title page has some sl finger marks o/w internally clean. The first two vouchers in the booklet have been used o/w intact. The covers of the JDC prospectus are rubbed o/w clean. The service facilities booklet appears to be unused and the wallet is in exceptionally unmarked condition w just two very small nicks at each end of the flap.


Series 3 E-type Owners Pack.

Sold Price: £187.50

Contains – Drivers Handbook, ref E/160/4. Jaguar “Passport to Service” stamped up to 6000 miles by Appleyards in Scotland. Sales & Service Facilities in UK booklet, dated January 1973. Maintenance chart, ref E/160/4. Blank BL Registration of Ownership card. Flier announcing the publication of the E-type Series 3 V12 Repair Operations Manual. All are in VG or Fine condition. They are contained in the correct brown-backed plastic wallet with a tab to the flap that has the closure button. The wallet shows some creasing.


Jaguar Salesman’s Data Book for the XK120, the XK120SE and the Mark VII.

Sold Price: £177.00

A small maroon booklet dated 1 January 1954. 4 x 6. Covers general specs, dimensions, engine performance, speed and road performance, colour schemes and the likes of tyre pressures and fill-up data. Two pages deal specifically with the Mk VII overdrive model and a further two with the XK 120 SE. RS and the top right corner has been bumped. A rare item in VG condition.


An official Jaguar salesman’s Data Book for the Mark VIII, 2.4 and 3.4 Mark 1 and XK150.

Sold Price: £181.00

A pocket-sized plastic ring-binder containing a very detailed set of information. 5 x 6.5. General information at the front includes price lists, colour schemes, optional extras, etc. and is followed by details of the Mark VIII, 2.4 and 3.4 Mark 1 and XK150. The XK150 section covers the Special Equipment model (with the ‘B’ type cylinder head), but not the XK150S. Exceptionally clean covers and internally. Fine.


A second Jaguar salesman’s Data Book, this one for the XJ6 and the Series 3 E-type.

Sold Price: £203.43

5 x 6.5. References are made to a 6-cylinder car, however, although the Series 3 was originally advertised with a six-cylinder engine, that never went into production. All in-text references to the car are to “Series 3 E-type. As above, general information at the front includes price lists, colour schemes, optional extras, etc. and is followed by details on the on the two cars listed. Metal binding has some surface rust and this has transferred to the paper in places o/w VG.


Sales Handbook for the 2004 Motor Show at the National Exhibition Centre.

Estimate Price: (e£40-50)

This a modern version of the two Data Books above. 7 x 9. Covers the X-type Saloon, the X-type Estate, the S-type, The XJ and the XK. Additional sections on R Performance and Jaguar Racing as well as general adminery such as a dealers’ directory data capture forms (“order forms” in olden days!) and so on. Not seen very often and the information on the cars is a useful summary of that set of cars. Unused. Fine.


Spare Parts Catalogue for the XK120 2-seater Sports Model.

Estimate Price: (e£75-100)

Pub No J8 dated October 1950. 9 x 11. 7 -page index, over 140 pages of listings plus over 20 separate plates with exploded diagrams and other illustrations. Covers both lhd and rhd cars. A must for owners of XK120s from the very early 1950s. The heavy card cover is worn and edgy, but intact. The internals are generally fresh and clean. Cover – Good. Internals – VG.


Spare Parts Catalogue for XK120 DHC.

Estimate Price: (e£100-125)

Pub no J/13. Dated June 1954. 71 pp. 9 x 11. Covers rhd and lhd cars. Hard-back covers sl rubbed. Some light finger-prints o/w generally clean internally. VG.


Spare Parts Catalogue for XK150 & XK150S, Volume 2.

Estimate Price: (e£75-100)

Plastic 4-ring binder. Pub ref J29/2. Published in December 1960. This volume covers Bodywork, Automatic Transmission and the Overdrive. XK150S items are on separate colour-coded pages. Covers have seen sl wear. Title page edgy and occasional light finger prints throughout. VG.


An NOS Jaguar “Recommended Lubricants” plate.

Sold Price: £50.00

Not too sure which car this relates to. Fine.


A complete set of Jaguar Sport kick-plates.

Estimate Price: (e£75-100)

Two for the front and two for the back. Some markings, which will clean. VG


Series 2 E-type Owner’s Pack.

Estimate Price: (e£150-200)

Comprises – Owner’s handbook (ref no: E/154/2). Maintenance chart (pub no: E/154/2). Jaguar booklet “Sales & Service Facilities in the United Kingdom” (dated 1969). Leaflet for the “Jaguar approved” Philips RN681 radio. Card  for the “Delanair Air Conditioning System as fitted to Jaguar 4.2 E-type and ‘2+2’ cars”. Slim Jaguar Sales & Service folder for the North American market. All contained in the correct brown-backed wallet with a tab on the flap.  The radio leaflet is a bit edgy. The wallet is sl creased and has eased at the top of both sides (as usual). The rest are VG or Fine. Series 2 E-type owners will know that these packs are very scarce indeed.


Jaguar Sport steering wheel.

Sold Price: £50.00

Untested so sold as seen.



Smiths Rev Counter. Ref number – RV 7413/02. Clock missing.

Estimate Price: (e£25-30)

Untested and sold as seen. Fair


Smiths 140 mph Speedo. Ref number – SN 6326/20.

Estimate Price: (e£25-30)

Untested. Sold as seen. Fair



Smiths Rev Counter. Ref number – RV 7413/02. Clock present.

Estimate Price: (e£25-30)

Untested. Sold as seen. Fair


An older Smiths Rev Counter. Ref number – Z 46608. Clock present.

Estimate Price: (e£50-75)

Untested. Sold as seen. Good.


“Jaguar – Selling the Legend”. Dealership histories.

Sold Price: £61.00

History of Jaguar and Daimler dealerships – Stratstone in London, Drabble & Allen in Manchester, Hornburg in the States and P J Evans in Birmingham. An unusual take on the Jaguar story and a fascinating read. Fine.


“Jaguar E-type Six Cylinder Originality Guide” by Haddock & Mueller.

Estimate Price: (e£75-100)

Dalton Watson. 2017. 516 pp. Based on research spanning almost five decades, and Drs. Haddock and Mueller include here extensive new information from an exhaustive four-year examination of the Mueller collection of over fifty E-types. As such, the book is archaeological in nature, based more on observations of cars than on factory publications or other literature. The examination of principally unrestored cars, many partly or completely disassembled and still retaining their original configuration, permitted discovery of much detailed information not reported before. The large volume of data used in the compilation of this work permitted statistical analysis of production changes that would be impossible with a smaller data-set. It significantly advances the understanding of the original configuration of these remarkable cars. Fine book in Fine d/w and both in the original mailing pack.


The Jaguar XK120 in Competition by Dr James Fraser.

Estimate Price: (e£150-200)

PJ Publishing. 2019. The most comprehensive and informed account of the XK 120’s competition career in the UK and Europe ever compiled. Huge range of photo, many I have not seen before. The coverage is very broad dealing not only with the works and famous-owner cars of the 1950s, but also the efforts of amateur drivers over the years. The time-frame reaches into the late 1960s and 70s when the XK 120 re-emerged as a highly-competitive historic racer. Foreword i by Mrs Pat Quinn, the eldest daughter of Sir William Lyons. As Pat Appleyard, she and Ian Appleyard took NUB 120 to many rally successes in the early 1950s, including winning the first Alpine Gold Cup ever awarded for three successive penalty-free runs in the International Alpine Rally. Fine book in Fine d/w and in original mailing pack.


“Jaguar XK120 Explored” by Bernard Viart. The rare leather-bound collector’s edition and the slip-case has a bronze replica of the bonnet badge.

Sold Price: £465.00

P J Publishing. 2012. 556 pp. 9 x 12. The first in Bernard’s three-part masterwork on the XK sports cars. Huge amount of details and those superb illustrations make this a very special book indeed. Fine book in fine slip-case and both in the original mailing pack. Rare.