Jaguar press photo with caption – Chassis Track.

Sold Price: £34.00

Shows chassis at a very early stage of assembly. Fine. Historic.


Jaguar press photo with caption – Despatch Bay.

Sold Price: £34.00

Shows Mark VII and XK120 cars ready for despatch. Fine. Historic.


Jaguar press photo with caption – Paint Shop.

Sold Price: £34.00

Shows a general view of the paint shop, described as “recently installed”. Fine. Historic.


Jaguar press photo with caption – Service Department.

Sold Price: £34.00

Shows area where body and mechanical work is carried out. Fine. Historic.


Jaguar press photo with caption – The Trim Tracks.

Sold Price: £34.00

Shows the fitting of the interior, the final stage of assembly. Fine. Historic.


Owners of SS100s will recognise this as a template of the dashboard of their cars.

Estimate Price: (e£100-150)

In fact, this is the aide memoire used by the late David Barber to remind him what went where! Unique.


Endplate for a rear aerofoil from a Silk Cut era XJR racer.

Sold Price: £125.00

21 x 13 o/a. I didn’t realise how many different versions of these endplates there are until I started researching. There are innumerable variants in colour, logo and, above all, in shape. After much time looking at the many permutation of these variable, I had to go and have a lie down in a darkened room. Take a punt and see what you can find out!


Spare Parts Catalogue for XK120 FHC.

Sold Price: £125.00

Pub no J/11. Dated June 1953. 30 pp. Binding clips are not original. Some spotting inside back and front covers (as usual) o/w clean internally and externally. VG near Fine.


My biggest fan – seriously, this really is a cooling fan – but for a Mark 2, not me! It is 16 inches in diameter but not sure which size engine this fits.

Estimate Price: (e£20-30)



Lightweight E-type by Paragon.

Estimate Price: (e£100-125)

1:18 scale, diecast and very detailed. Car no YHV 210, which is the Peter Sutcliffe car. Fine. Boxed.


An immaculately-precise engineering drawing of a rear axle differential.

Estimate Price: (e£40-50)

Original and with provenance to the “Motor” archive in 1945. Pencil note top left says “1½ Litre Jaguar”. If you have one of these cars that straddled WW2, this is for you. Or perhaps just buy it to put on the wall as a superb work of art. Each time I look at it I see a new angle I had not appreciated before. Fine and protected by a sheet of tracing paper.


“Technical Specifications” – a 9-page booklet listing of parts of the 2½ and 3½ litre Mark V and XK120 in seven European languages.

Sold Price: £27.89

If you are off touring in Europe when the restrictions are lifted, this is for you. It covers such aspects as – Engine Dimensions, Engine Performance, Engine Details, Transmission, Chassis Details, Performance Data and Dimensions. If you want the carburettor fixed, point to that in the English section and run your finger across the line until you reach the language you want. Also covers the XK100, but you’ll probably not need that! RS o/w Fine.


The stylish and elegant badge of Philip Porter’s “XK Club”.

Sold Price: £49.00*

5 x 3½. Has seen minimal use. VG.


The Percy/Nicholson TWR XJS.

Estimate Price: (e£50-75)

On its way to first place at Donnington in 1984. A Keith Woodcock print signed by Chuck Nicholson and the artist. 20 x 15. Limited edition, copy no 260 of 400. Fine.


“Jaguar Master” lapel badge.

Sold Price: £39.37

Awarded to staff who had certain seniority, and experience and had attended certain courses. Unusual. Mint.


Spare Parts Catalogue for the XK120 2-seater Sports Model.

Sold Price: £375.00

Pub No J8 dated October 1950. 9 x 11. Seven-page index, over 140 pages of listings plus over 20 separate plates with exploded diagrams and other illustrations. Covers both lhd and rhd cars. A must for owners of XK120s from the very early 1950s. The heavy card cover is worn and edgy, but intact. The internals are generally fresh and clean. Cover – Good. Internals – VG nr Fine.


“Jaguar C-type, D-type and Lightweight E-type Register”.

Estimate Price: (e£40-50)

By Terry Larson, Penny Woodley, Den Carlow and Paul Skilleter. Anglo Danish Publications in 2014. A fine, scholarly work of research and writing. Led by Terry Larson, the aim of the project was to gather in one place a set of data of the highest accuracy. Terry’s helpers from around the world were a roll-call of Jaguar experts who shared Terry’s aims. An important book for Jaguar owners, drivers and anyone interested in these cars – the crème de la creme of Jaguar’s racers in the 1950s. Fine.


Jaguar salesman’s Data Book for the XJ6 and the Series 3 E-type.

Sold Price: £185.00

5 x 6.5. References are made to a 6-cylinder engine for the E-type. However, although the car was originally advertised with a six-cylinder engine, that never went into production. General information at the front includes price lists, colour schemes, optional extras, etc. and is followed by details on the two cars in two separate colour-coded sections. Metal binding has some surface rust and this has transferred to the paper in places o/w VG.


Showroom poster of a Series 2 E-type 2+2 – red car in dramatic night-time dockside photo.

Estimate Price: (e£100-125)

In a black wooden frame, 25 x 29 o/a. Some creasing and rubs at foot. The short production life of the Series 1 2+2 cars means that this is a rare poster. Good to VG.


A superb original concept drawing of a Jaguar mascot with the Mark VII in mind.

Sold Price: £150.00

To my eye, the artist appears to have drawn inspiration from the Armstrong Siddeley Sphinx. Most unusually this bears a metallic seal from the Joseph Lucas Styling Dept. Numbered S/426/850 and dated Aug 1950. Front is clean and unmarked. Traces of mounting on the back, but not adhesive. Probably unique.


Agreement between Jaguar Cars Ltd (Manufacturer) and Walter E.

Sold Price: £50.00

Sturgess and Sons Ltd (Distributor) and The Evington Garage (Dealer) on 1 August 1955”. A short, 3-page document in the old foolscap size. Signed on behalf of all three parties with each signature witnessed but not dated. Presumably all signatures were added on 1 August 1955. The model in question is the Mark VII M. Prices are given but, interestingly, quantity is not specified. An interesting insight into the three levels of operations in the Jaguar sales network. Fine. Rare.


The medallion struck of commemorate the Centenary of Sir William Lyon’s birth in 2001.

Sold Price: £64.00

A superb work of art, heavy in the hand and measuring 3 inches in diameter. See also Lot A/216. VG nr Fine.


Two Jaguar “Recommended Lubricants” plates.

Estimate Price: (e£100-125 the pair)

Both identical and NOS from the stock of a retired dealer. Not too sure which car(s) these relate to. Sl surface scuffing (see photo) o/w both are VG nr Fine.


Bonnet lock for D-type/XKSS.

Sold Price: £117.00

Hand-made by craftsmen metal-workers at Lynx. Fine.


D-type/XKSS gear knob as created by craftsmen metal-workers at Lynx.

Sold Price: £160.00



A 1:18 scale model of the XK180 mounted on a presentation board from Abbey Panels, who created the bodywork for the car.

Sold Price: £160.00

These items were given to a very small number of individuals most closely involved in the creation of this concept car. First one I have seen.


A youthful Stirling Moss (RIP) is congratulated by Sir William Lyons (right) and Lofty England on his second place at Le Mans 1953, with his co-driver Peter Walker.

Sold Price: £125.00

Signed by Stirling in blue. An image from the Keith Duerden collection. Fine.


“Jaguar Pit Stop – Le Mans 1953” by Terence Cuneo is a very popular piece of Jaguar artwork.

Estimate Price: (e£100-150)

 The scene is the winning C-type, No 18, in the midst of a wheel-change. Drivers Duncan Hamilton and Tony Rolt confer on the pit wall and Lofty England directs operations. Full details of the race and this particular pit-stop, as well as the individuals shown in the painting are given in an excellent set of notes by Lofty on the back of the certificate of authentication that accompanies the print. This copy is signed by Cuneo and by Lofty, who has also added a personal dedication “To Claus – Happy memories 6/6/91”. This is number 223 of a limited edition of 850 copies. Some sl spotting lower left (see photo) and on the back, o/w a Fine copy and ready to be mounted and framed.


Finally, one for all you owners of Jaguars with that superb V12 engine under the bonnet – the last lot in my Spring auction is the UK registration number – XJV 12.

Estimate Price: (e£8,000-£12,000)

Photos show the number on the Lynx Eventer that used to carry it, but the car is not included. The number is now held on a retention certificate that I have confirmed.

I can advise on the process of transferring this number to your car, which is pretty straightforward. There is also general guidance on the DVLA website at this link- www.gov.uk/personalised-vehicle-registration-numbers.

In view of the high value of this Lot, special bidding arrangements will apply. Above £8000, bidding will be in £200 steps. However, if the winning bid is less than £200 above the second bid, then that bid will succeed at the sum bid. So, if bidder A is top bidder at £9,350 and bidder B is the under-bidder at £9,280, then bidder A will win the Lot at a hammer price of £9,350, not £9,480. Also, at this level of business, my commission is reduced to 15% for buyers and sellers

If you have any queries at all on any aspect of this Lot, just MAIL ME.

With the agreement of the seller, the estimate spread is deliberately wide to give some elbow-room for your bids!