Norman congratulating Duncan Hamilton and Tony Rolt after their Le Mans victory in 1953.

Sold Price: £22.00

Original. Rare.


Norman together with Hamilton, Rolt, Jim Randle (behind Norman), Blake and Weaver.

Estimate Price: (e£30-40)

Note on back- “Beaulieu Talk”. Unusual. Fine.


Norman beside OKV 1 at Le Mans 1954.

Sold Price: £41.00

Original. Rare.


Norman at the wheel of E2A for scrutineering at Le Mans 1960.

Sold Price: £18.00

Original, small French press photo. Rare.


Norman testing French racing blue D-type (OKD 513) at speed on the MIRA banking.

Sold Price: £100.00

Original. Rare.


Bob Berry with XK 503 (left) and Norman with XKD 507, en route to Le Mans in 1955.

Sold Price: £40.00

Original French press photo. Rare.


Rare, probably unique set of 5 photos of XJ13.

Sold Price: £180.00

Includes shots taken at MIRA on 21 January 1971, the day of Norman’s spectacular crash. One shows the skid marks where he came off the banking and into one of several rolls. Fine. Very Rare.


Three photos of Norman in D-type OVK 2 at the Goodwood 9-hour race in 1955.

Sold Price: £38.00

Two are rare originals. One is a larger modern reprint signed by Norman. Fine.


Norman watching Phil Weaver in OKV 2 (XKC 403) at Le Mans 1954.

Sold Price: £38.00

Original. Rare.


Norman returning to the start after his run in OKV 3 at Brighton Speed trials in 1954.

Sold Price: £18.00

Original with photographer’s stamp on back. Rare.


Three photos of the Duke of Kent’s visit to Jaguar and MIRA.

Estimate Price: (e£20-25 the trio)

One shows the Duke, Lofty England, Bill Heynes and Norman beside an XK150 fhc. Two feature an XKSS, one with the Duke at the wheel. Both cars carry trade plates. Original. Unusual.


Two photos of Norman demonstrating D-type no OVC 501 (XKC 401) to Mr A. T. Lennox-Boyd, the Minister of Transport at MIRA.

Sold Price: £25.00

Original. Unusual.


Norman at the wheel of a Series 2 XJ tooled-up ready for testing.

Sold Price: £12.00



XK150 fhc outside the main entrance to the offices at Browns Lane.

Estimate Price: (e£10-15)

Left-hand drive and white-wall tyres so probably destined for North America. Modern reprint. Fine.


340 saloon in airport setting.

Estimate Price: (e£10-15)

Jaguar press photo.


Mark 10 shell entering the paint bath.

Estimate Price: (e£10-15)

Jaguar press photo. Unusual.


Mark 8 or 9 outside a hotel entrance.

Estimate Price: (e£10-15)

Jaguar press photo.


XJ 220 brochure in original mailing envelope.

Sold Price: £69.00

Exceptionally fresh condition with none of the usual cover rubs and marks.


“All New XJ” – hard-back brochure dated 2009.

Sold Price: £20.00

58 pages including translucent inter-lays. Includes sections on – “The Concept”, “The Technology”, “The Experience”, “The Luxury* and tech specs. Includes DVD. Fine.


“Jaguar XE” – hard-back brochure, undated.

Estimate Price: (e£20-25)

59 pages. Sections include “Model Range”, “Design”, “Body Structure”, “Chassis”, “Powertrain” etc. Fine.


Small “Jaguar Collection” brochure, undated.

Sold Price: £25.00

Soft-back. 40 pages. Includes price list. Fine.


Brochure for S-type, XJ V8 and XK8.

Estimate Price: (e£10-15)

36 pages. Sl spotting on cover o/w Fine.


“AJ-V8 0 Refined Power”.

Estimate Price: (e£10-15)

Brochure for the new V8 engine. 25 pages. Ref – JLD/10/10/26/96. Fine.


“C-X75 – Celebrating 75 Years of Jaguar Design & Innovation”.

Sold Price: £52.00

Card-backed brochure for the C-X75 concept car. 22 pages, all divided horizontally and opening separately. This is the 780 hp hybrid that featured in the James Bond film “Spectre” and was created in conjunction with the Williams F1 team. Includes DVD. Fine. Very rare.


“Jaguar Collection 2002”.

Estimate Price: (e£10-15)

Large, A3-sized brochure for the full range. Includes price list. Ref – JDM/10/02/00/02. Cover rubbed at foot o/w Fine.


“Jaguar 1983 – A Report for Jaguar Salesmen”.

Sold Price: £10.00

12-page booklet on how to sell Jaguars. Features the Series 3 XJ. Fine.


“The Gallery of Jaguar Cars”.

Estimate Price: (e£10-15)

Card folder containing 6 full-colour A4-sized studio photos of XJS and Series 2 XJ, including the XJC. Fine. Unusual.


“4.2 Litre Mark Ten Jaguar”.

Estimate Price: (e£10-15)

4-page skirted launch folder for the 4.2 litre car. 12 x 8.5. Colour. Specs on back. Fine.


Reprint of 4-page C-type brochure.

Estimate Price: (e£10-15)



Daimler V8 SP250 sports car.

Sold Price: £25.00

10 x 8 folder opening out to 20 x 16. Includes separate spec sheet. Also, RT reprints from Autocar, 2 October 1959 and Automotive News on 14 March 1960. Fine.


“The 3.8 Litre Daimler Majestic. With disc brakes and automatic transmission”.

Estimate Price: (e£20-25)

4-page brochure. Includes three RT reprints – John Bolster in Autosport, Stirling Moss in the Sunday Times and Roy Salvadori in Autocourse. Unusual with these RTs. Fine.


“Daimler Majestic Major – 4.5 litre V8”.

Sold Price: £20.00

4-page card folder. Includes spec sheet and three RT reprints – once more, John Bolster in Autosport, Stirling Moss in the Sunday Times and Roy Salvadori in Autocourse. Unusual with these RTs. Fine.


Jaguar Yearbook 2004.

Estimate Price: (e£10-15)

Photo tribute to the company, the people and the cars. Letter to Norman from Tony O’Keefe, Vehicle Curator. Fine.


Ecurie Ecosse.

Sold Price: £64.00

A Social History of Motor Racing from the Fifties to the Nineties” by Graham Gauld. Paperback. 11.5 x 8. 210 pp. Published privately by Graham Gauld Public Relations in 1992. Covers the glories of the 1950s as well as the revival of the team in the early 1980s by Hugh McCaig and Graham himself. The author has signed this copy “Happy Memories Norman” and a letter from the author to Norman accompanies the book. VG.


Automobilia Quarterly.

Estimate Price: (e£10-15)

Vol XXIII, No 4, Fourth quarter 1985. Includes 8-page article by Andrew Whyte on the XJ13. Dedicate to “Norman and Nan” by Andrew. VG


“Memorable Moments in Motor Racing” Edited by David Barzilay.

Sold Price: £15.00

Published 2005. 279 pages. Dedication to Norman by “David B”, the editor. Fine.


“Jaguar” by Paul Skilleter.

Sold Price: £10.00

In the Classic Marques series. 1993. 72 pages. Presentation copy from Paul “A lot of ‘your’ cars in here! VG.


“Jaguar in America” by John Dugdale. 2001 – 2nd edition.

Sold Price: £25.00

Aztek. Revised and updated by Michael L. Cook. 271 pp. A unique review of the post-war development of Jaguar’s operations in North America by a leading player. Note of thanks to Norman from Mike Cook. Fine.


“Jaguar – a Complete Illustrated History” by Philip Porter.

Sold Price: £23.00

Warne. 1984. 8.5 x 11. 160 pp. Foreword by Sir William Lyons. Includes letter of thanks from Philip. VG.


“Jaguar/Daimler – An appreciation of Production Models, 1960-1970” by Robert Hughes.

Sold Price: £25.00

Blandford. 1997. 160 pages. Signed by author. VG.


“The Sports Car Collection – A Personal Endeavour” By Christian J Jenny.

Sold Price: £105.00

2019. 176 pages. Chris Jenny’s superbly produced celebration of his wonderful collection of Jaguars and SS Cars. The star being the beautifully elegant and multiple award-winning SS90 Prototype. This wonderful book also includes detailed records of each of the cars in the collection and their owners. Other appendices cover Jaguar Milestones, production figures and an authoritative bibliography. Norman helped with research for the book and was asked by Chris to write the foreword. There is a lengthy note of thanks from Chris at the front. Superb and in Fine slip-case.


“Unless I am very much Mistaken” Murray Walker’s autobiography.

Sold Price: £37.00

2002. Collins Willow. 393 pages. Dedicated by Murray “To Norman – Jaguar is Best!”. A nice touch. Fine


“The Jaguar Driver’s Year Book 1980-81” Compiled by Paul Skilleter, Magpie.

Estimate Price: (e£15-20)

1981. 120 pages. In its way, this is a milestone in Jaguar history. This year is the 40th anniversary of the publication of this book, which includes a 10-page interview with Norman! This copy dedicated to him with a letter of thanks and appreciation from Paul. DW a little edgy but book is VG. Unique.


“The Jaguar File – All Models since 1922″.

Sold Price: £20.00

3rd Edition. 2004. 480 pages. Fine.


“The Jaguar File – All Models since 1922″.

Estimate Price: (e£20-25 the pair)

1998 edition. 416 pages. Two copies. Fine books in Fine slip-cases.


“Jaguar Scrapbook” by Philip Porter.

Estimate Price: (e£20-25)

Porter Press International. 2006.. A fascinating and unique book. As one of the top Jaguar writers in the world, Philip has assembled an amazing collection of Jaguar automobilia from the earliest days of the company and he presents an intriguing selection here. Fine.


“A Different Breed of Cat”.

Sold Price: £20.00

Jaguar Cars 1972. 64 pp. 9.5 x 9.5. Although he is not credited, this was written by Andrew Whyte. A photo-review of the company’s history and products which is, in effect, the third edition of his “Case History” books. A milestone book for the Jaguar bibliophile as it is the only hardback book ever published by Jaguar (as opposed to JDHT, etc.). VG.


“Browns Lane – A Tribute”.

Sold Price: £100.00

Large card folder 17 x 14. Has listing of all cars made at Browns Lane and Stuart Spencer’s print featuring Sir William and Joe Harcutt. DVD supplied and there is a sl tear by the DVD slot o/w Fine. Signed by Stuart and Norman.


Jaguar Sports Racing & Works Competition Cars to 1953 by Andrew Whyte.

Sold Price: £45.00

Haynes. 1982. 8.5 x 11. 415 pp. The first vol. of Andrew Whyte’s award-winning duo. Researched from the Company archives while Andrew was working in the PR dept at Browns Lane. The depth of research that went into these two books has not been equalled for any similar work extending across so many years of the Company’s competitive history. One of the seminal books in any Jaguar library. Fine.